Verone Glass Pellet Stove

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Verone Glass Pellet Stove

9kW Range 3 to 8.8kW


Verone Glass Pellet Stove Cylindrical

The VERONE 9 KW sealed has 2 windows door. The all height exterior window is curved and screen-printed, the second flat interior window allows easy cleaning. Its beveled form on the top gives it a perfect aesthetic.


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Verone Glass Pellet Stove Cylindrical

It has a detachable front ventilation at power 1 and 2 and on the top a natural convection, a 20 kg pellet tank, a cast iron brazier.

It is fitted as standard with a remote control (included) and a MICRONOVA regulation. Possibility of programming over 7 days, with different operating times.

Stove equipped with an ambient probe, which allows you to choose between 2 functions, the «stand-by» mode or «modulation».

  • Stand-by mode will allow the stove to stop at the requested temperature and restart when it comes down.
  • Modulation mode will be automatically regulated without ever stopping. The choice between these two modes is made according to the configuration of your home.


Thanks to the WIFI and remote control option, you can :

  • Turn on/turn off the stove from anywhere
  • Increase/decrease power
  • Increase/decrease temperature
  • View the ambient temperature

It’s all done through an APPLE or ANDROID app wherever and whenever you want. This app can be used on many smartphones.

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