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Framework and evolution

With several decades of experience in the manufacture of biomass equipment. C&A Chama reinvents itself and creates a production unit in the industrial area of Oiã (Portugal).
The founding partners of C&A Chama, Celso Batista and Alfredo Carvalho, have been working in the same sector for more than 20 years. Accumulating extensive experience and knowledge that has gained them a wide range of clients and partners.
It is in this context that they decided in 2013 to take over the creation of C&A Chama. This is established as a production unit for biomass equipment, thus representing a young, dynamic and innovative company throughout the production process. The growing investment in young and qualified human resources brings more dynamism and new visions. This
combined with the experience of the existing team, allow to consolidate the quality standards that the company intends to achieve.
The year 2016 marks a turning point in the production process of C&A Chama. It coincides with the beginning of the Innovation Project, approved by Portugal 2020, which has allowed investing in equipment that provides the company with greater autonomy, efficiency and speed in the production process. With the main objective of customer satisfaction and product quality assurance. C&A Chama team focuses daily on improving the research and development processes in order to face an increasingly demanding and knowledgeable market for a product whose function goes beyond simple space heating.

C&A CHAMA Inset Stoves

Mission, Vision and Goals

C&A Chama’s mission is to design, develop and produce biomass equipment, based on a growing commitment to innovation, the quality of physical and human resources and the modernisation of processes, in order to strengthen its competitiveness. To this end, it proposes to mobilise a group of collaborators and partners focused on specific and critical areas in the biomass heating sector.
The short- and medium-term objective is based on two main axes. On the one hand, to consolidate the national market, by following more and better the current customers and by conquering new ones. On the other hand, to reinforce the bet, already underway, on the international market. The expansion towards the foreign market is fundamental for the growth of C&A Chama and is the result of continuous teamwork and solid foundations, which allow this growth to be sustained and progressive.
It is with this vision of the future and the daily work of a multidisciplinary team that C&A Chama aims to satisfy the needs of its clients and to assume a distinctive position in the market.