ExtraStove Baby 5kW Pellet Stove

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ExtraStove Baby 5kW Pellet Stove

2.4 to 5.2kW

ExtraStove - Pellet

Baby 5kW Pellet Stove

Its small size allows the BABY Stove model to be installed even in the smallest spaces.

The pellet tank can hold up to 11 kg of pellets.

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ExtraStove Baby 5kW Pellet Stove
max min
Overall thermal power kW 5,2 2,4
Rated thermal power kW 4,5 2,2
Efficiency % 92,7 86,6
CO emission at 13% O2 % 0,026 0,019
Hourly Consumption kg/h 1,1 0,5
Autonomy h 22,8 10,5
Electrical comsumption W 345 55
Smoke outlet connection Ø mm 80
Air inlet connection Ø mm –
Tank capacity kg 11,5
Weight kg 46
Dimensions mm 430w x850h x470d

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