When installing a fireplace with a water jacket, we do not need to carry out a separate installation, which is because we can use the existing one.



In the fireplace with a water jacket, the furnace body has double walls. The space between them is filled with water that receives heat and transfers it to the heating installation.

Increased heat exchange surface in the cartridge is due to built-in flames and a high flue.

The regulation of the air draft takes place by means of a built-in window.

Manual control over the combustion process of air drawn from the room through the ash box.


The front of the insert is equipped with heat-resistant ceramics that withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C. The glass we offer is certified for quality and safety.

The coil installed in the cartridge serves to protect the fireplace from overheating (1/2 “input / output connector).

Body and front of the cartridge resistant to high temperatures due to the use of high-quality steel.

Excellent tightness thanks to solid welds made in the noble gas shield. Steel elements are laser cut using modern devices and then bent on CNC bending machines.


The removable grate and ash pan make it easy to keep the cartridge clean.

The air curtain separates the glass from the firebox. Thanks to this, the glass does not get dirty and gives more heat to the room. Limited sooting thanks to the clean glass system (air guide).

The possibility of leveling the unevenness of the substrate and leveling the insert thanks to the adjustable legs.


A built-in contribution with a water unit does not differ in appearance from a typical air contribution. It only widens the advantages of the latter with the possibility of connecting the fireplace to the central heating system

The cartridge is equipped with a decorative, single glass, thanks to which it looks elegant and modern. In addition, the use of this solution visually enlarges the front of the cartridge.

Decorative glass panes are set at right angles 

The cartridge is equipped with an elegant and comfortable handle.