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Heritage Stoves The Pollmore Mór 7kW Inset Stove

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Heritage Stoves Pollmore 7kW Stove

The Pollmore Mór is the larger of the two Pollmores.

The 7 kW inset room heater stove comes in 3 colours Black Matt, Cream Enamel & Black Enamel and is ideal to fit into a 16 & 18 inch fireplace opening. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PRICES AND AVAILABILITY.


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The Pollmore 7kW insert stove is the a clean stylish stove for any modern home.

This Pollmore 7kW Insert stove is a clean modern stove that will feel at home in any living room. This stove is available in a choice of 3 colours:

  • Black Matt
  • Black Enamel
  • Cream Enamel

This stove will fit into any 16 or 18 inch fireplace opening. This stove fits cleanly against your fireplace. It has a clean modern finish and is easy to maintain. The stove has a large door for easy refueling. This door has a large window, which warms the room with firey warmth on the wettest of Irish days.

The Pollmore 7kW stove can be used with a range of fuel types. Whether you prefer wood, coal, turf or pellet fuels, these are all suitable to allow this stove warm your home. Our Class A energy rated stove comes with a 3 year warranty.


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