Maximum use of heat thanks to the densely placed heat sinks and the walls of the furnace made of high quality cast iron, 8 mm thick.

Burning fuel particles thanks to a deflector that extends the exhaust path.

Manual control over the combustion process carried out by shifting the ash pan.



The classic front of the insert is equipped with heat-resistant ceramics that withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C.

An ornate fence facilitates maintaining cleanliness of use and protects against falling out of wood.

Stable and resistant to tension door fireplace made of a closed profile. The door gasket is located in the contoured channel, which guarantees its proper adhesion and prevents it from falling out during operation.


The door of the cartridge works in the lift up system – the window is lifted up. This system was built based on the counterweight – two blocks (on both sides of the door) with steel cable work in guides on two bearing rings, thanks to which the weight of the door is distributed evenly. They move on fireproof bearings along the sliding guides mounted in the frame, which guarantees their light, quiet and trouble-free operation. Movement of the door runs a few millimeters away from the body, which prevents damage to the seal. Lockable doors are pressed with great force into the frame, thanks to which the furnace is completely sealed. 

Thanks to the raised and lowered door, you can load the right amount of wood at a time. An additional mechanism that allows the side windows to be opened, making them easier to clean and to keep the furnace clean.

Ash drawer / container, in which residues from burnt wood accumulate and a movable grate facilitating the removal of ash.

Limitation of sooting thanks to the clean windshield system (air guide).

Comfortable handle for opening the door.

An elegant and comfortable handle.

Possibility of leveling the insert thanks to adjustable feet.