Norfire Vantaa 10

Norfire Vantaa 10

Norfire Pellet Stoves


Norfire Design Pellets Stoves was born from the opportunity to purchase the HEIMDALLSTOVES brand, which, in Portugal, was already represented and marketed by C&A Chama. The recognition by the customers, the quality, the design and the competitive prices of the HEIMDALLSTOVES brand were decisive to achieve the business. Today, and always, we are committed to promoting the success of our customers. For us, there is only one objective of work: to guarantee the success of commercial relations with our customers and with all their business partners. For this, we have adopted a strong commitment to continuous development, improvement and adaptation of new solutions and services, promoting the activity of our customers, based on advanced work models, ensuring the achievement of the highest standards of excellence.

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VANTAA 10 – Pellet Stove

Nominal thermal power 8,9kW
Heating surface area (max. m2) 89
Weight 105kg
Storage capacity 22kg
Low-power autonomy 36h
Nominal thermal power performance 91,1%
Low-thermal power performance 94,4%
Nominal electric power 122W
Electrical power upon ignition 358W


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